Our Ministry Goals

Short-term Goals

•  Obtain permanent residency in Russia for every member of our family

(As of December, 2015, all four members of our family have received their permanent residency permits!)

•  Study and learn the Russian language until we are able to clearly communicate the truths of the Bible to the Russian people

(Official language study has been completed, but learning a foreign language is an ongoing task)

•  Establish a presence in the local community of Vanavara and work to win the trust and respect of the people

Long-term Goals

•  Establish a small business in order to be an active contributor to the community

•  Buy a commercial building in the village so that the Gospel ministry may go forward

•  Begin Bible studies with individuals who request to learn more about the Bible

•  Based on the outcome of these Bible studies, work to establish a legally recognized group and begin holding meetings

•  Incorporate a local church in the village of Vanavara

•  Continue to teach and preach the Bible and it’s truths as the Lord leads