International Women’s Day
March 14th, 2014 News 5 Comments


One of the biggest holidays of the year here in Russia is International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8. If I had to liken it to a US holiday, the closest one would be Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day pales in comparison to how Women’s Day is celebrated here. Almost every woman gets a complete makeover in March 8 – a new haircut, up-do or color; a nail job; new clothes; new spring boots; etc. If it can change, it gets changed. You almost have to reintroduce yourself to all of the ladies at church after March 8, because you probably won’t recognize them. Tulips are the traditional flowers given on that day, and you will often see many cars parked along the side of the road with signs in the back window advertising that they have tulips for sale. While it may seem a little extravagant and over-the-top to an American mind, it is a very special day to honor and remember the ladies here in Russia.

Knowing how big of a day it is, Katie had been wanting to do a ladies’ banquet for quite some time now, so that we could invite many of the ladies in the community who would not normally come to a church service. The Lord worked it out that she was able to plan such a banquet this year and we were excited to see how the ladies would respond. Not knowing how many to plan for, we set 42 places and had 41 ladies show up! Many were church ladies, but there were also many visitors as well.

After a delicious meal of chicken cordon bleu, green beans, rice pilaf and a delectable dessert of strawberry mousse in chocolate bowls, one of the ladies from the church gave a short devotional which challenged the ladies and presented the Gospel.

All of the ladies who attended had a great time, and it was a great opportunity of outreach as well. Please pray for those who heard the Gospel, that the seed of the Word would take root in their hearts and we would see them come to know the Savior.

Our thanks go out to our coworkers, Nancy Butkevich and the Kevin Jones family for their help and support in the prep, cooking and cleanup afterwards. We appreciate their service to the Lord that was shown in their willingness to help make this event a success for the glory of God.


  1. Carol Stafford says:
    Posted on March 15, 2014

    I so enjoyed reading about this! Wonderful job, Katie and crew! It looks like it was beautiful, and the meal menu sounds delicious. I will pray for those who heard the gospel to come to know Christ as Savior. Looks like the start of a yearly tradition! So, I’m wondering, did Katie get a makeover, too?

  2. Kathy says:
    Posted on March 15, 2014

    Thank you for listening to God’s prompting, and for hosting this banquet. Praying that the ladies who came can have a ‘make-over’ from the inside once they realize how important they are to God.

  3. Judy Cox says:
    Posted on March 16, 2014

    Katie, what a blessing you are to the ladies! God spoke to your heart to set 42 places. That is amazing! Seeds were planted and now God will do the nurturing. God bless you. I love you and miss you!

  4. Kitty Martin says:
    Posted on March 17, 2014

    Katie and all, what a beautiful and blessed time it sounds like you had .What a wonderful out reach to the women. Praying that God’s word will continue to touch and work in the ladies hearts and those not yet knowing Christ as Savior will know Him soon.
    Praying for you all. The Deans were at Mikado last night. What a blessing to see how God is using you all.

  5. Bro. Henry Nichols says:
    Posted on March 22, 2014

    Think of you guys often. Keep up the good work. I thought of you New Years Day when we had our fun with those exploding jars. It still excites every one of us. Pray for us as well. Hey, it’s been 13 years! The doctors said at first, maybe one, but they are not the Great Physician. Don’t remember if you remembered my dad passing last August. We sure miss him. Love you guys.

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