July 2018 Prayer Letter
July 19th, 2018 Prayerletters No Comments

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Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, … Unto Him be glory…

~Ephesians 3:20-21 ~

“Exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…”  This has been the recurring theme these past few months as we have seen the Lord bless and work in ways that we could not have even imagined.  Truly unto Him be the glory!

We left Russia on May 15, and the Lord blessed with the best trip that we have ever had.  Each flight was smooth and transitions through customs were the easiest ever.  Other than a few hours of delay in New York due to weather, the trip was uneventful and we arrive back to the States exhausted, but praising the Lord for His goodness.

Once we recovered from jet lag we began planning the next step in our ministry — preparing for furlough and planning our survey trip to Newfoundland.  One of the first things that we needed was a reliable and comfortable vehicle for the many miles that we would be traveling on furlough.  As we prayed about it and thought about what we could do, unknown to us at the time, the Lord was already working and He answered by miraculously providing over $16k to purchase a vehicle!  After receiving this news, we  have enlisted the help of a friend who works in the used car market and he is currently looking for a vehicle that will meet our needs.  We look forward to sharing with you what the Lord will provide!

With the vehicle being taken care of, we began to then set our sights on Newfoundland and our survey trip.  As we were making our plans to be with the O’Briens for the month of June and into July, we received a phone call from the them telling us that Patrick’s father had passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack and that they had to leave right away to go be with his family in Georgia.  After discussing it with them, we decided to stick with our original plans and head up to Newfoundland even though they would not be there for the first part of our visit.  This gave us the opportunity to “jump in with both feet” into the ministry there and see first-hand what it is like to live in Stephenville.  

For our first two weeks in Newfoundland, we were able to lead the church services, Katie was able to teach the Sunday school and she also taught a ladies’ Bible study.  The O’Briens came back at the end of June and we were able to have two Sundays working with them in the church before we had to leave in the beginning of July.  As we spent more time there in Stephenville and with the O’Briens, it became more and more evident that the Lord has been preparing both us and them to work together.  Our philosophies of ministry are very similar and it is clear to see that the Lord has knit our hearts together.  Their vision for reaching western Newfoundland with the Gospel is infectious, and we are excited to return and work with them in the ministries and outreach of the New Hope Baptist Church in Stephenville.

Another Praise!!!

In our last prayer letter we asked you to pray with us that the Lord would send someone else to work with the Deans in Vanavara.  We are excited to share with you that the Lord has answered that prayer!  Nancy Butkevich has been in Krasnoyarsk for more than 12 years working in the children’s and ladies’ ministries of the Krasnoyarsk Baptist Church and for years she has had a desire to work among the northern peoples of Siberia, and specifically the Evenki.  She will be joining the Deans in Vanavara in the near future and will be a tremendous blessing and asset to the ministry there.

Furlough Plans

The Lord has been filling our furlough schedule quite nicely and we are looking forward to reporting back to all of you in order to share, not only what the Lord has done in Vanavara, but also the new ministry in Newfoundland.  I have been able to touch base with many of you already, but if you have not heard from me yet and you would like to have us come and report back to your church while we are on furlough, please contact me via the contact information listed below.

cell:  207-385-7376 | email:  info@northboundnorthcutts.com

The Lord is enabling us to take an unrestricted furlough this time, so we would like to take this opportunity to report back to all of our churches before we head up to Newfoundland.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are truly blessed to be His servants and your representatives to the people of Newfoundland.


Prayer Praises

Provision of funds for a vehicle

A wonderful survey trip to Newfoundland

Time spend with the O’Brien family

The Lord’s sending another missionary to Vanavara

Prayer Requests

Wisdom as we continue to plan our furlough travel schedule

The O’Brien family as they continue to deal with the loss of Patrick’s father

The summer outreach ministries in Stephenville

Visitors to the church services in Stephenville


Please be sure to download the PDF version of the prayer letter HERE to see all of the pictures and graphics in the print version.

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