October 2019 Prayer Letter
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“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, … For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

~ Matthew 6:20 – 21 ~

We are truly grateful for all that the Lord has done in our lives over the past couple of months as we made the move to Newfoundland to begin ministering with the O’Briens at New Hope Baptist Church in Stephenville! 

God gave us a wonderful trip with no vehicle problems, good weather, and a very smooth crossing at the Canadian border where we left with a four-year visa in hand!  

We are very thankful for all who  faithfully upheld us in prayer throughout the moving process, as well as those who helped us on the actual move.  Rob and Julia Ruddy (and family) were a huge help loading the trailer; Katie’s parents, Greg and Lynne Pease, were a tremendous blessing by driving the truck and trailer; and Pastor Nate Minion (who drove 9 hours one-way to help) was invaluable as he helped unload the trailer at our new home.  

The past two months have been busy as we have worked to orient ourselves to a new culture, a new location, and a new ministry.  The time spent opening bank accounts, buying furniture, getting the kids involved in the local school programs and even getting a haircut have all provided unique opportunities to interact with the people and begin building a rapport within the community.  

All in all, we are settling in well and are learning to enjoy life and ministry here on the island.  Elliot has been able to start playing basketball with the 4th & 5th grade boys in the elementary school, Kara has started going to gym class with the other 1st & 2nd graders at the primary school, Katie and Emily (O’Brien) have been having tea regularly with a lady who has just started coming to church, and I (Matt) have even had the opportunity to go mackerel fishing on the ocean with one of the local fishermen.

Please keep us in prayer as we continue to get settled into life and ministry.  We are excited to be here and we look forward to what God will do!

Ministry Overview

New Hope Baptist Church is the church-plant in Stephenville (population ~ 6000) that the O’Briens have been overseeing for the past seven years.  We are currently meeting at the local community college, but we are working to find our own building.  Many people  here equate a church with a building, so not having a permanent location in the community is a hindrance at times.  While adults are reluctant, at times, to attend services, we do have many children who faithfully come to Sunday school.  On Sundays, we have a morning and afternoon service, and we also have a Wednesday prayer meeting and Bible study at one the members’ houses. 

We are also working with a small church-plant in the neighbouring city of Corner Brook (population ~ 20,000).  Grace Baptist Church was turned over to the O’Briens after another missionary left the field, and every Sunday, as soon as we finish services in Stephenville, we have been making the one-hour drive to hold services there.  We also go out every other Friday for a Bible study and time of prayer.  Just before we moved to Newfoundland in August, God brought a man across the path of the O’Briens and the ministry in Corner Brook and he got saved just a couple of weeks later!

Please keep us and the O’Briens in prayer as we serve in these two ministries.  We need God’s wisdom and direction as we desire to see God work in these two separate locations with two very different needs.

Health Update

Please continue to keep Katie in your prayers.  After a couple of months of doing better physically, she has relapsed a bit.  While she seems to be doing better with the digestive issues, one of her latest tests showed an unusually high concentration of mold built up in her body which very likely is contributing to her ongoing fatigue and exhaustion, as well as some of the digestive issues.  She has almost finished one round of treatment to try to eliminate the mold, and she will be retested soon to see how successful the treatment was.  The results of this upcoming test will determine the next course of action for her treatment.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are truly blessed to be His servants and your representatives to the people of Newfoundland.


Prayer Requests

For Katie’s health – the treatments to clear up the mold, and the fatigue to go away

For wisdom and strength as we serve in both Stephenville and Corner Brook

For continued opportunities to integrate into the community

Prayer Praises

God’s protection and blessing in our move up to Newfoundland

The many who helped with and prayed for our move

We were given a four-year visa

Please make note of our new mailing address and phone numbers and update your records accordingly.

Address: 24 Pennsylvania Drive, Stephenville, NL A2N 2W7

cell: 709-214-7000 (Matt); cell: 709 214-7002 (Katie)


To download the prayer letter in a printable PDF format with picture and graphics, please click HERE

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