October 2021 Prayer Letter
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“The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”

~ Psalm 126:3 ~

Much has happened during the summer months in which we have clearly seen God’s hand leading and directing each step of the way.  We may not always understand God’s plans and purposes, but we can always rest in His control.

In late July, one of our dear charter members at Grace Baptist went home to be with the Lord after a multi-year battle with cancer.  Her presence is most definitely missed at church, but we are praising the Lord that she was able to see her prayer answered and be a part of seeing Grace Baptist Church chartered and established.

August is usually the month of the best summer weather, and this year we took full advantage of the nicer days.  At the beginning of the month, we held a first ever joint camping trip with both Grace Baptist and New Hope Baptist at one of the local provincial parks.  One of the pastors from the other side of the island and his family came over and joined us as well, and it was a good time of fellowship, relaxation, and encouragement together.  

Towards the end of August, we had the joy of watching a new convert at New Hope Baptist Church follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.  A lady that we knew from the time when New Hope would meet at the local community college accepted Christ as her Saviour during the Covid lockdowns and called Bro. O’Brien wanting to get baptized!  It never gets old seeing the joy and change that Christ makes in an individual’s life.  Please continue to pray for her to continue to grow in grace and her walk with the Lord.

August also brought about one of the most significant ministry decisions since arriving in Newfoundland.  As both Grace Baptist Church in Corner Brook and New Hope Baptist Church in Stephenville have developed  and grown over the past year, it has become increasingly evident to both Bro. O’Brien and me that each church needs dedicated pastoral oversight that could only be achieved by one of us being at each location in a full-time capacity.  After months of prayer and discussion, Bro. O’Brien and I decided to divide the responsibility of the ministries with the O’Briens remaining in Stephenville to focus on New Hope Baptist Church and our family moving to Corner Brook to focus on  the ministry at Grace Baptist Church.  This will allow each church to receive the dedicated attention that it needs and enable us to expand the ministries of both churches and reach our communities with the Gospel more effectively.  Both of the churches have been supportive of this change, and we are excited to see what God will continue to do in each location.

Family Updates

The kids are in full swing with the school year by now.  Elliot is in 6th grade this year and Kara is in 4th grade and they are progressing well with their studies so far.  Elliot had the responsibility of mowing our yard this summer, and his diligence did not go unnoticed by our neighbours.  By the end of the summer several neighbours were paying him to cut their lawns and help with other yard work.  

We have been house hunting in Corner Brook since early August, and, although options in the current market were very scarce, the Lord has provided a house for us in a great location!  We would ask you to pray that all of the paperwork will go through on time and that we would be able to close on October 19.  

In the midst of all that is already going on, we have also applied for an update and extension to our Visitor Record (visa) to reflect the move to Corner Brook, and we have simultaneously begun the long process of applying for Permanent Residency.  We would appreciate your prayers for each of these immigration applications.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are truly blessed to be His servants and your representatives to the people of Newfoundland.


Prayer Requests

For the kids school work to be minimally interrupted as we move to Corner Brook

Extension and update of our Visitor Record (visa) to be granted

That we would first qualify for permanent residency and then obtain it in a timely way

Us, the O’Briens, and the two churches as we transition into our new roles and ministry responsibilities

Prayer Praises

Baptism of one at New Hope Baptist Church

A great summer of ministry

God’s clear leading in the ministries of New Hope Baptist and Grace Baptist

God’s provision of a house in Corner Brook

The ability to start applying for permanent residency

To download the prayer letter in a printable PDF format with picture and graphics, please click HERE

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