Update #1 on The Prayer Request for Barry Northcutt
October 25th, 2018 News 4 Comments

We just got the biopsy report back and it confirmed that it is malignant melanoma. They are doing an additional test to look for a mutation in the melanoma which will determine the proper course of treatment needed.

We have been told that there are very good melanoma specialists here in Charlotte and Dad will be seeing them for treatment as an outpatient once he is discharged from the hospital – whenever that will be.

As of right now, the priority is still to get Dad’s headache pain down to a tolerable level. At the times when he is feeling the best, on a scale of 1-10 he is still a 7.  The doctors want to get him down to at least a 5 before anything else is done. Please continue to pray for dad’s pain to subside and that the doctors will know what to do to get this under control.


  1. susanna lynn says:
    Posted on October 26, 2018

    Praying for u and the family

    • matt says:
      Posted on October 28, 2018

      Thank you, Susanna for praying for us.

  2. Molly swaffer says:
    Posted on October 27, 2018

    We are praying so much for your sweet family! Your parents are dear to us!! Running to the throne on your dads behalf!

    • matt says:
      Posted on October 28, 2018

      Thank you, Molly. Your prayers and support mean more than we can say.

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