Update #11 on Barry Northcutt
November 9th, 2018 News 1 Comment

Dad has been home for several days now and overall is doing well. He is consistently gaining strength and is able to move about the house with a walker and sometimes with just a cane. His appetite is still very good and his pain has been down to a much more tolerable level. The biggest affect that Dad is currently dealing with is feeling very foggy-headed and not able to focus on much of anything. Noise and movement still have been hard to deal with at times, but he is much improved from where he was just a couple of weeks ago.

Dad is continuing to receive care at home with both home health nurses and physical therapists making regular visits 2-3 times a week. My grandparents have continued to stay with mom and dad and have been a great help as everyone adjusts to a new way of life and routine. Tomorrow (Friday 11/9) at 9AM, Dad has an appointment with the melanoma specialist at the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. We are expecting to learn more about the specific type of melanoma that dad has, and what treatment options are available.

Please be in prayer specifically for tomorrow’s appointment that the Lord would give wisdom and understanding to mom and dad as they talk with the doctor. Thank you for continually praying on our behalf. We will update you again after tomorrow’s appointment.


  1. susanna lynn says:
    Posted on November 9, 2018

    Praying for you all

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