Update #12 on Barry Northcutt
November 11th, 2018 News No Comments

Thank you for praying for Dad’s appointment with the melanoma specialist on Friday (11/9). The appointment lasted over 4 hours, but Mom and Dad came away from it very pleased with how knowledgeable and compassionate the doctor was with them. Several treatment options were discussed, but nothing was decided at this appointment because further bloodwork was needed to determine how Dad’s body would be able to handle certain types of treatment. These tests were ordered and we should get the conclusive results in 1-2 weeks.

One of the biggest prayer requests at this time about the treatment has to do with some of the medicine that Dad is currently on. Almost since the beginning, Dad has been on a high dose of steroids to reduce the tumors and swelling on the brain. However, those same steroids would directly counteract one of the better treatment options that is available. The specialist will be coordinating with the medicine team in the coming week to see if they can taper Dad off of the steroids, and thus allow for more treatment options.

Please pray that 1) Dad would be able to work off of these steroids, and that 2) as he does so, that the pain would stay manageable and not intensify as a result of this step. Please also continue to pray for wisdom for Mom and Dad and the specialist as they await the conclusive results of the bloodwork to decide which method of treatment will be best for what his body can handle.

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