Update #2 on Barry Northcutt
October 26th, 2018 News No Comments

Dad’s headache pain has stayed the same and has not gotten better with medication; rather it has spiked more severely and more frequently today (Thursday, 10/25) than what it has in the past. After assessing his symptoms and lack of response to the medication, all of the medical teams were in agreement to start radiation treatment to the brain as soon as possible to start to attack the tumors and shrink them. This should also help relieve some of, if not most of, the headache pain as well. Because of the multiple tumors present in multiple levels of the brain tissue, they will be doing whole brain radiation to try to treat all of tumors at once. The plan is to do 5 radiation treatments at a higher dose.

Once the decision was made, things started happening fast and they got dad in for his first treatment right away. He will do one more treatment this week tomorrow (Friday, 10/26) and then rest Saturday and Sunday with the remaining three treatments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Please continue to pray for Dad’s pain levels to go down. A neurologist was called in today to help assess the headache pain and the doctors will continue to tweak his pain medication to try to find relief through that as well. Please also pray now for the radiation treatments that they will 1) be effective in treating the brain tumors, 2) be effective in reducing or eliminating the headaches, and 3) have minimal side affects.

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