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October 30th, 2018 News 1 Comment

Overall Dad had a very good day. He and mom were able to get about five hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, and that alone does wonders for the body.

The pain today has stayed consistently around an 7-8 with the occasional drop down to a 6. The only time of intensely severe pain was when Dad was startled by the lunch delivery and he tried to sit up in bed too fast. That shot his pain into the 10+ category to the point that it was affecting his vision and he couldn’t see clearly. Thankfully, the nurse was able to help get it down fairly quickly and it leveled off again and he was able to finish eating lunch. Dad’s appetite remains strong and he continues to polish off three square meals plus snacks in between.

Dad had his third of five radiation treatments today as well, and the wheelchair trip to the clinic and back didn’t seem to wear him out as much as it has in the past.

We are greatly encouraged by the overall upward trend in Dad, but we still have a long ways to go. We know that your prayers are making a difference and we are so grateful for all who have committed to pray for us through this difficult time.

Please continue to pray for several things:
– Dad’s remaining two radiation treatments. So far there doesn’t seem to be any side affects from the radiation and the treatments do seem to be making a difference.
– Dad to regain his strength. He still cannot get out of bed on his own and is very, very weak.
– Mom and dad to have more times of uninterrupted rest and sleep
– Wisdom for us and the doctors to know when Dad should go home and what the next steps for his treatments should be

In conclusion, I would like to share something that I’ve been meditating on for a while and the Lord allowed me to be able to put it in written form today during some quiet time. This is nothing more than my heart’s communion with the Lord and I pray it will be an encouragement to someone else who is going through their own storm of life.

Through the Storm

By Matt Northcutt


October 29, 2018 when dad was in the hospital for melanoma
1 year & 8 months after our house fire in vanavara
reflecting on both of these storms

“To the other side!” God bids me go
A plan He has, my faith to grow.
I simply obey and begin to cross
Not knowing that soon my ship will be tossed.
I simply obey my Father’s command
And commit my well-being into his hand.

“Into the storm” God bids me go
As the angry clouds gather and the tempests grow.
The winds and the waves all crash about me
And I fear that I am lost to the will of the sea.
Though I long to fulfill and obey His command
It now seems impossible to even find land.

Though I can’t see Him, My God sees me
Toiling in rowing in the midst of the sea.
The storm is His plan, His purpose divine
To mold me and make me a vessel refined.
Though I, for myself, would not choose this form
God in His love and mercy sends me into the storm.

In the midst of the storm I cry out in despair
For I cannot see my God anywhere.
My eyes are clouded from the wind and the rain
And all that I feel is my hurt and my pain.
“My God, where are you? I can’t do this alone!”
My strength is no more and my soul hurts and groans.

Walking on the waves, My God comes to me
His voice reassuring as His face I now see.
Into the boat He joins me now
His presence gives me comfort as before Him I bow.
I cast myself into His arms outstretched wide
Trusting Him to carry me through to the other side.

Through the storm God carries me still
As I trust in His perfect, omniscient will.
Though I cannot see what lies ahead,
My Father does, and it by His hand I am led.
Though the storm would not be my pathway of choice
It is in the storm that I learn the comfort of His voice.

Through the storm God changes me
And makes me more like who He wants me to be.
Without the storm I would be incomplete
My faith more shallow, and our fellowship less sweet.
In the storm I find comfort as I stay by His side
And learn to simply rest and in Him abide.

Out of the storm I look back and see
How marvelous and perfect was His plan for me.
I needed the storm, else I would never know
The grace and comfort that He desires to show.
Though my choice would be some other form,
Thank you, Father, for loving me enough to send me


  1. Dana Robinett says:
    Posted on October 30, 2018

    Praying for you

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