Update #7 on Barry Northcutt
October 31st, 2018 News 1 Comment

Mom and Dad didn’t get a lot of sleep last night due to multiple interruptions. Physical Therapy came in before breakfast this morning and worked with dad on a few exercises and dad was able to use the walker to walk around the room and he sat up in the chair for a few minutes. That activity really wore him out and his pain increased to a 9 + right after that and he was only only able to eat a few bites for breakfast. Thankfully the severe pain didn’t last long and dad was consistently around a pain level of 7 for today.

Dad had his fourth radiation treatment around noon and seems to be doing better each time he goes. The trip doesn’t take as much out of him as it used to and he does seem to be gaining some of his strength back. His last radiation treatment is scheduled for 10:45am tomorrow (Wednesday 10/31) and I believe physical therapy will be by in the morning as well to work with Dad some more.

Overall, again, Dad seemed to have a better day. His strength is starting to return and he is definitely not as unsteady on his feet as he used to be when he gets up. He was worn out from all of the activity today with the physical therapy and the radiation, but it didn’t skyrocket his pain as much as it has in the past. Baby steps it seems, but the overall upward trend is very encouraging.

Right now our prayer is for wisdom after his last radiation treatment tomorrow. How soon should he try to go home and what kind of assistance will he need once he gets there? These questions and more are what we are working through now and we would appreciate your prayers in these matters. Also, please keep praying for Dad’s pain levels to continue to come down.


  1. Lorraine Ryan says:
    Posted on November 1, 2018

    Still praying for your Dad for healing. Also, strength for your Mom and the rest of the family.

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