Update #9 on Barry Northcutt
November 2nd, 2018 News No Comments

Dad did not go home today due to some lingering issues, but Mom said he was doing better by the end of the day. His pain is now a more tolerable 7 and some of the issues are being resolved, so there is a good possibility that he may go home tomorrow. My grandparents are now with Mom and Dad at the hospital and they will be there to help get them settled in at home once Dad is finally discharged.

Please continue to pray for wisdom about when Dad should go home and for the upcoming decisions that need to be made about further treatment. Also, please pray that once Mom and Dad get home, they will be able to rest. Sleep and rest seems to play one of the biggest roles in Dad’s pain management, and there is a marked difference when he isn’t able to rest.

Thank you again for all of the prayers, communication and love that you have shown to us as a family. Though we are trusting our Heavenly Father through this, the day by day walk through this valley is not always easy, and your prayers and concern help immensely.

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