Urgent Prayer Request for My Dad – Barry Northcutt
October 25th, 2018 News No Comments

On Sunday 10/21, my Dad (Barry) was taken to the Emergency Room in Shelby, NC with extreme headaches and nausea/vomiting. After running several CT scans and an MRI, he was diagnosed with multiple tumors in the brain, and multiple tumors in the abdomen and pelvis. He was transferred to Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte, NC on Monday, and on Tuesday they did a biopsy of one of the tumors. The final biopsy results could take up to 3 business days and we have to wait for those results before knowing how to proceed with treatment. In the meantime, the doctors are trying to manage Dad’s pain and nausea with medicine and are giving him regular doses of steroids to try to reduce the swelling on the brain caused by the tumors. Many teams of doctors have been attending to Dad and are doing everything they can to help, but Dad is still in a lot of pain still and noise/lights really affect him and make it worse.

I flew down from Maine on Monday to be with Mom and Dad in Charlotte and have been staying with them in the hospital, and many other family members have driven down to help out in any way they can. I delayed sending out anything because we hoped to have some answers by now, but we are still just waiting for the results of the biopsy. I will continue to update you as we find out more.

For those of you who know Mom and Dad, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR TEXT THEM OR ASK TO COME VISIT. Mom and dad need their rest as much as possible right now and even the noise from a phone greatly affects Dad’s pain levels. If you would like to let Mom and Dad know you are praying for them, you may either email or text me (Matt) directly and I will relay the message to them. My contact information is listed below.

Matt email- info@northboundnorthcutts.com

Matt cell – 207-385-7376 (text only at this time)

Please pray specifically for these things:
– For the doctors to be able to get Dad’s pain and headaches under control
– For the biopsy to be processed quickly
– Wisdom to know the best plan for treatment
– God’s grace and comfort for Mom and Dad through all of this


P.S. – At this time I don’t know how long I will need to be with mom and dad. If we have meetings scheduled with you in the near future, please be aware that we may need to reschedule those for a later date. I will be in touch with you directly if a change is needed. 

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